How to undertake a social media ‘campaign’

catch-a-star3At the risk of appearing over self confident (I’m just starting my carrier as a digital PR consultant) I decided to express my views on the subject. I hope my more experienced readers will correct me if I’m out of line.

Considering that half of the social media campaigns will fail  I think we should get to roots of the problem and roots of the solution. Surely, there is some truth in the opinion: if you think of social media in terms of ‘campaign’ you’re already failed. The fact is, fundamentally, social media is not about getting your message across – alone. But it’s about that too. As much as it is about having conversations with stakeholders, engaging users in the brand experience, customer service and crisis management ‘just in time’, being transparent and useful. It’s about all this and much more – but it’s never about a monologue.

As i previously wrote, social media strategy rarely holds a stand alone – unsupported by offline marketing communications, value adding services or great creative consepts. My main point of this post  is that thinking about your markeiting communications must start right here. Do you have a great product and a great concept? If you do (very few does) – you will most likely succeed with a blitzkrieg social media campaign that will make people talk long after you’re gone. But if you don’t – and that’s the case for most of the brands out there – don’t try to fly if you havn’t got the wings.

Always start with asking a question: is this product worth talking about? If it’s not, you should ask how to get people talking about you instead. Skittles is a good example of such way of thinking.  Of course, it depends on what business you’re in. That’s why I believe that productification of social media tactics is simply not possible. Only after a good research and a great deal of creative thinking will you know if you can take a shot on a social media campaign, or if it will have to evolve as a long term strategy. Smart brands already found out of this, and not wasting time and money on campaigns that will most certainly fail.

Indeed, we all want to sell something. But most of us will need to accept that it will take a much longer route to success than they would have hoped. And, just so you know, there are not short cuts any longer.


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