Do you need a social media pill: a check list for brands

Chris Brogan posted a provocative post a couple of days ago: ’You can do your job without Twitter’. He asks why we invest so much time and energy online, when it is still perfectly possible to continue quietly doing business the usual way, in the world without RSS, widgets and social networks.

Is it really necessary to constantly monitor the web for the last news, share everything we come across, and manically aggregate all even distinctly related to our interests content? Does it really pay off to listen to all of the gossip online, and even more, take time to respond to it?

Although we have come far since the days of the Cluetrain Manifesto, these questions are still legitimate because they are still raised by the brands, who don’t want an answer: ‘well, that’s just the way it is’.  

Now although I believe that some social media tools are, or soon will be, obligatory for all companies (who mean business) to embrace – corporate blogging, for example – heavy artillery might not be necessary, or timely. Before jumping into the unknown waters, it can be smart to do a check list, suggested below, to estimate the degree of your need to join the Twitter (+ every other application you’ve ever heard of).

Indeed, a simple reality check might not only guide your future web strategy, but also show where you should put your main efforts. In fact, maybe you don’t need all these fancy tools to run your business smoothly.

And so, you really need social media strategy if: 

  •   You seldom/never get customers by referrals. No one recommends you to others.
  •   You are using too much money on marketing/advertising, and not getting enough ROI for it.
  •   You fail to provide good customer service, although you spent lots of resources on it.
  •   You seldom/never have time to be updated with latest news and trends, and you have no idea what your competitors are up to.
  •   Your brand name doesn’t provoke any associations with your main audience. After you’ve been in this business for several years.
  •   You’re not sure what your targeted markets are, or where to find them.

If you find yourself checking one or more boxes, seek social media help immediately. But do ask a professional to help you: taking too many pills at once might kill instead of heal you.

Check also this: Adam Singer lists 10 great reasons to use social media to build an audience



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